We are dedicated to producing the best possible sportswear. We understand that we need the right talent in our team. We appreciate and search for those that are like minded in our quest to simply the best and most unusual of all good things.

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People we work and do business with

We focus on doing things the right way, ensuring we consider the needs of those that matter to us- Our employees, customers, suppliers and local communities. Not only we want our products to look great, we also want to make sure we buy materials from suppliers who look after both their workers and the environment. Of course, we can’t promise that all our suppliers will be perfect. We’re certainly not perfect, we can’t expect them to be either. However, we will ask that the abide by fair, minimum standards, and work to improve their social and environmental performance year on year. 

We believe in a “hands-on” approach which is a contributing factor to the success of all our undertaking and aim tom continue to maintain a good level of communication among all stakeholders including management, staff and suppliers. Our strategy consists of a set defined objectives and targets to be achieved by the company, our vision, goal and objectives will be accomplished.